The following are the primary legal documents
filed in IRS's "6700" civil lawsuit against WTP.

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April, 2007 DOJ's 6700 "Abusive Tax Shelter" COMPLAINT against WTP  
May, 2007 WTP's Motion to Dismiss  
       Declaration #1 -- Facts regarding WTP's "Operation Stop Withholding"
     Declaration #2 -- Facts establishing OSW is the exercise of the Right to Petition
     Declaration #3 -- Facts regarding IRS's guise of a "6700" investigation
June, 2007 DOJ Response & Motion for Summary Judgment and its Statement of Material Facts.   
       Declaration of IRS Agent Nelson
     Declaration of IRS Agent Weaver.pdf
     Declaration of IRS Agent Gordon.pdf
     Declaration of IRS Agent Engel.pdf
July, 2007 WTP's Opposition to Summary Judgment   
       WTP Response to DOJ Statement of Material Facts Plus Add'l Material Facts
     Declaration #4 -- Cross-reference to key WTP/US communications
     Declaration #5 -- Evidence establishing "Blue Folder" was not sold
     Declaration #6 -- Evidence establishing US had actual Notice of key documents
     (no Declaration #7)
     Declaration #8 -- Evidence of key legislative changes to the tax laws, 1913-1917
     Declaration #9 -- Incorporation of Right-to-Petition arguments from the (DC) RTP lawsuit  
     Declaration #10 -- Evidence, research regarding the "861 argument," Taxable Income
August, 2007 USDC DECISION & ORDER Granting Summary Judgment & Injunction  
August, 2007 WTP Motion for Reconsideration  &  Declaration # 11  
August, 2007 WTP Motion To Stay Injunction Declaration #12  
August, 2007 USDC DECISION & ORDER Denying Reconsideration & Stay  
August, 2007 WTP Motion to Modify Order Declaration #13  
August, 2007 USDC DECISION & ORDER Denying Motion to Modify   (Denied without explanation)  
August 30, 2007 WTP EMERGENCY Motion to Stay Order Pending Appeal to 2nd Circuit US Court of Appeals  
August 30, 2007 US COURT OF APPEALS ORDER, Partially Granting WTP Emergency Appeal  
  Text of Order:

Before: Hon. Peter W. Hall, Circuit Judge

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the motion is GRANTED only as to paragraph c of
the District Court's Order (requiring production of "identification
information" etc. for the United States); deny as to remainder of District
Court's Order. The entire motion for a stay is referred to the next
available motions panel.


  Note:  US COA 3-Judge panel to fully consider WTP's Emergency Appeal on or before Sept. 18th  
August 31, 2007 US COURT OF APPEALS ORDER, for Oral Arguments on Sept. 18th and DOJ response ASAP  
  Text of Order:

Motion for stay of injunctive order and to
expedite the appeal has been added to the
substantive motions calendar for September
18, 2007**TO BE ARGUED**; any responsive
papers to calendar ASAP. [Entry date Aug
31 2007]  [JC]
Sept. 2007 DOJ Response opposing WTP Motion to Stay  
Sept. 2007 WTP Reply to DOJ Response  
Sept 18, 2007 AUDIO file of Oral Arguments (on Motion to Stay) at U.S. Court of Appeals
RIGHT-click here. (3.9 MB, .wma)
Sept. 20, 2007 US COURT OF APPEALS ORDER extends stay of full injunction enforcement pending full appeal  
Oct. 22, 2007 WTP Full Appeal to 2nd Circuit COA  
Nov., 2007 DOJ Response to WTP Appeal  
Dec. 6, 2007 WTP Reply Brief   
Feb. 4, 2008 TRANSCRIPT:  Oral Arguments at 2nd. Circuit Court of Appeals   
Feb. 8, 2008 Decision & Order of 2nd Circuit Circuit Court of Appeals  
April 7, 2008 Petition for En Banc Rehearing to 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals  
  2nd Circuit En Banc Decision upholds District Court Order. (document not currently available)  
Sept. 4, 2008 Schulz & WTP appeal to U.S. Supreme Court: Petition for Writ of Certiorari  and Appendix  
  U.S. Supreme Court DENIES Schulz/WTP appeal.  
  FINAL NOTE: The decision and Order against Schulz/WTP was transacted and upheld by every appellate court without any adversarial public hearing, without any opportunity to confront witnesses, and without ANY PUBLIC TRIAL.