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  August 9, 2012



May 23, 1959 - August 1, 2012



We Salute the Life of a True Patriot and Great Freedom Keeper for Liberty


As suddenly as Michael Bodine entered the current of my life, and that of the We The People organization, he departed.


He entered in June 2000 when he introduced himself by telephone. He passed last week, unexpectedly.


For those twelve years, Michael gave and gave, and continued to give, all of his time, his extraordinary intellect, wisdom and heart, all in service to his Country – all in defense of his Constitution and the Rule of Law.


In 2000, Michael, the stranger, telephoned to offer his life’s saving (approximately $60,000) to fund a full-page message in USA TODAY to inform the People of the Government’s refusal to meet with an IRS whistleblower and other experts regarding the constitutionality of the operation and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code, and the fraudulent ratification of the 16th Amendment, and to encourage the People to educate themselves on the issues.    Click here for the text of the July 7, 2000 USA TODAY message funded by Michael.


From that day until the day he passed, there was no separating Michael from WTP. Together we planned the work and worked the plan to hold Government officials accountable to the entire Constitution.


Michael had a faithful adherence to the constituted authority of America and was loyal to the cause of institutionalizing citizen vigilance.


For  a measure of the talent and esteem in which Michael was held, one only has to review the archive of all the articles posted at www.givemeliberty.org  beginning in July of 2000. Mike helped plan the events, posted all the articles, and was responsible for all things related to the Internet.


In addition to his technological skills, Mike was articulate, with a wonderful way with words, and he had a natural talent in matters of law, from research to the writing of legal briefs. 

As was the case with each of his siblings, Michael Bodine was highly accomplished.

Mike graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Management Sciences & Management Information Systems.

Before his alliance with WTP, Mike had over two decades experience as a Programmer, Systems Analyst and Project Management consultant. He specialized in the design and implementation of cost & schedule software systems and in the management & business practices of large government projects.

He had worked on a number of multi-year, multi-billion dollar projects headed by organizations such as : Rockwell International, Westinghouse, Fluor Daniel, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

For a number of years, Mike held a top-secret, "Q" clearance with the Department of Energy, making him a first-hand witness to the management of America’s leading technology programs.

In 1993, Mike became involved in a major whistleblower case involving fraudulent accounting, procurement and progress claims on a major Department of Energy environmental restoration contract for a former nuclear materials processing facility. As a key witness in the case, Mike was able to help document a wide array of illegal management practices and outright theft that resulted in the loss of millions of taxpayer dollars.

The case was settled out of court just prior to a District Court evidence hearing that would have exposed the illegal alteration of electronic computer files by the Defendant. The settlement amount was the largest in U.S. history of any whistleblower case where the Department of Justice did not intervene on behalf of the Whistleblower.

Mike’s use of his project management skills and planning efforts has been of significant benefit to the We The People organization.


Click here for an example of Michael’s project management skill - his slide presentation for Project TOTO, given at the Crystal City Hilton Hotel on February 17, 2001.


For a glimpse of Mike’s early years Dan Celander, his friend of 35 years, has provided the following for posting here.


I first met Mike Bodine (aka “Bo”) outside Smugglers’ Inn in Clive, Iowa on the evening after our high school senior banquet in May of 1977. As it turned out, Mike could not enter the bar at Smugglers’ Inn where most of his high school comrades were having their after-party for only one technical reason: Mike did not become of legal age for another few days. What transpired in our initial conversation moved and inspired me in ways beyond my expectations of this brief first encounter outside that bar. And little did I know that it would be the beginning of a vibrant, lasting friendship of over 35 years.


Beginning a friendship has never been easy for me, particularly at that time in my life with the then recent loss of both my father and brother. Mike understood what it meant to lose someone dear even before it occurred to him in this natural world. I sensed this of him from our initial conversation. It took me years to appreciate how deeply Mike understood human nature being the old soul that he is.


Mike’s passion for life abounded in everything he did for work, play, and love. His work was varied. He particularly enjoyed integrated systems analysis and project management. He recognized that businesses could improve their efficiencies simply through better project management strategies. He devised creative solutions that many of his clients adopted for their advantage. He continued to apply these principles in his passionate work with the Foundation.


His play was always fun and fair. One of the things that Mike’s friends will always acknowledge is his enjoyment for argument and debate. Those who know well Mike’s spirit will attest that Mike enjoyed the banter for banter’s sake; that arguments are not meaningful without substantive support for one’s position; and that, in the end, what matters most is the debate itself and not who wins or loses. Mike was passionate about the process of engagement and the fun everyone had along the way.


Mike’s loves were focused on his life with Julia and their three Lhasa Apsos (Buster, Bailey and Brennan); his love for his family; and in his love of the Foundation’s mission. Mike met Julie during their college days at the University of Iowa. Mike always spoke of Julie as his soul mate. He never used such terms lightly. He never had another partner like Julia since their relationship.


Mike always had strong, emotional bonds to his immediate family. It was a visceral experience to see Mike interact with his family. At times, I felt like Eddie Haskell intruding in the American Family embodied by the Bodines. The members of the entire Bodine clan are all so bright that it was a treat to watch the social dynamics in play!


Mike was raised in the Catholic faith, but his spirituality took a quantum leap through his relationship with a woman “healer” named Patti. In that spiritual re-awakening, Mike recognized and appreciated his final calling in life:  to educate others to adhere to the constitutional principles espoused by the Founding Fathers. Mike sacrificed so much in support of his final call. I know that he will rest well knowing that he accomplished his work with moral dignity and integrity.


That is the being of the Mike Bodine who I know and love. He has repeatedly touched and moved my life in countless ways. I hope that his being has inspired you, too.


And the following from Judith Whitmore, National Coordinator for We The People Congress:


God Bless Mike for his humble, selfless, tireless, determined Service to America for the Cause of Liberty, Justice and Truth!

If you send him Love and Gratitude, I'm willing to bet you'll feel his Love coming back to you on a Ray of Light.


There are three of us who work by Bob's side at the national level - Judy, Mike and myself.

Mike has been with Bob since 2000 helping in a variety of capacities
including the all-important promotion of our webinars and updates, publicizing our tours, posting information on our websites, managing our email database; managing IT projects and programmers; and providing strategic and editorial input on Bob's legal briefs and updates.  He has been a true blue patriot friend to Bob and the organizations.  He has Served America's Constitutions and the Cause of Liberty in uncountable ways over the years, always behind the scenes and ever so humbly.

There are so many more things to say about Mike's loyalty, talents, incredible intelligence and ongoing determination that Truth and Divine Justice would have their day in America

Mike had a stroke in May.  He lost much of the use of the left side of his body, but was working diligently each day to re-train and recover his skills.  Fortunately, his ability to speak and think was not impaired!  What a smart and intuitive man! Over these past weeks, he has provided crucial information from his hospital bed so we could work with a volunteer programmer to continue on with priority IT needs.

Bob called him nearly every day to show him support, keep up his spirits and remind him that he was needed.  I had many talks with him too about his hopes for America.  He truly felt that we were entering into a time in America when all the efforts Bob had been making for decades and he, since 2000, were finally going to come to fruition. He didn't want to miss it for anything.

Mike's dad called Bob to tell us that Mike passed away unexpectedly.

We accept his VICTORY IN THE LIGHT!  We accept he has a front row seat
and is joining with all the patriots of old "Up There" to help America at this time.

We wanted you to know what had taken place and ask your prayers for Mike and his family.

While the loss of Mike --ever since May and even with his help – has been a setback for us, we will continue onward.  Every constructive action towards permanent citizen vigilance, government accountability and constitutional governance restored in America, will be with Mike in mind.

The state coordinator calls and the webinars will begin again soon, at which time we will provide a fuller explanation of all that has been taking place.  Be patient as we endure and overcome.

God Bless Michael Bodine!  Huzzah - Mike!  Huzzah!  We Love You!  We Thank You for Your Tireless Service to America and our Constitutions. Thank you for all you have done for the Cause of Liberty.  Be with us all moving forward!


Michael Bodine is truly one of America’s unsung, modern day heroes, ever so humble, selfless, tireless, and determined in his Service to America for the Cause of Liberty, Justice and Truth.

I am forever grateful that Michael came into my life and I am proud to call him my friend.


God Bless You, Dear Michael.


Bob Schulz

Chairman and Founder

We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc.

We The People Congress, Inc.

We The People of New York, Inc.














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