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November 16, 2008

Update: Open Letter to Mr. Obama

On October 31st we announced our intention to publish an Open Letter to President-Elect Obama. In effect, the letter would be a Petition for Redress of a violation of the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution (Article II, Section 1). As we have previously detailed, there is a growing body of evidence establishing that Barack Obama may not be a “natural born” U.S. citizen as is required to hold the office of President.

We stated our intention to raise $90,000 to pay for the publication of the full-page Open Letter in USA TODAY and a room at the National Press Club to publicly discuss any response by Mr. Obama.

The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees a citizen’s Right to Petition officials of the Government for Redress (i.e., for a Remedy) of alleged violations of the Constitution. Inherent in the Right to Redress is the citizen’s Right to a response. Under the law, when an official has a duty to speak but fails to do so, his silence is admission.

As of noon today, we have raised $20,818.01.

To be effective, we would need to publish the open letter two weeks or more in advance of the date (December 15, 2008) when the Electoral College’s state electors are certified and cast their votes. If Mr. Obama is not able to prove his eligibility by then, the electors would have to cast their votes for someone else for it would be treason to the Constitution to do otherwise.

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Absent a dramatic increase in the level of donations during the next few days, it will be necessary to publish the ad in a regional edition of USA TODAY, or in a major newspaper other than USA TODAY.   

We will proceed accordingly.

All donations received by the WTP Foundation since October 31, 2008 are being used for the publication of the Open Letter.

Click here to read the draft full-page USA TODAY Letter to Obama.

See some of the EVIDENCE - read our 11/12 update.

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