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October 31, 2008

Obama: Show Evidence of U.S. Citizenship or Withdraw

Bank Bailout Case Gets Scalia's Attention

In defense of the Natural Born Citizen clause of the U.S. Constitution, and in the wake of last Fridayís decision by a federal judge in Berg v Obama, we feel compelled to run a full-page ad in USA TODAY.

Click here for a copy of the ad we intend to run if we are able to raise the money.

The cost of the ad would be between $81,000 and $93,000 depending on the day of the week we choose for publication and the section of the paper the ad appears in. The money would have to be received by USA TODAY no later than 48 hours in advance of the publication date. We would like to run the ad in the News section during the week of November 10. By giving USA TODAY the two-day option, our cost would be $81,000.

The National Press Club has advised that rooms are available at a cost of $1,000 (Holeman Lounge, which seats 100) or $3,000 (Ballroom, which seats up to 600). Hopefully, C-SPAN would also take an interest in our event as they have twice before.

Make no mistake, this is not a political advertisement. Our motive is not political. Defending the Constitution by holding government accountable to its mandates is what we do.

If Mr. Obama fails to prove he is a natural born citizen who has not relinquished his American citizenship, and refuses to withdraw from the election process, the appropriate next step would be a lawsuit against the state electors in New York and elsewhere to prevent them from casting their votes for Mr. Obama. It would be treasonous for them to do so under those circumstances.

CLICK HERE to make your donation to the WTP Foundation. Please be generous. For instance, $1000 from 81 people who could afford it would be helpful.

Be sure to pass this email to all your lists and encourage them to do the same.

Click here to see how much money we have raised so far.

UPDATE: Our Banking Bailout Lawsuits

Under the Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States our application to enjoin the further transfer of public funds to A.I.G. or any other private company under the $700 billion bailout plan was automatically delivered to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit.

Justice Ginsberg denied the application on October 21, 2008, a full seven days after our emergency application was filed. We did not learn of her decision until we called the Court on Thursday, October 23.

However, under the Courtís Rules, we then had the right to resubmit our application to a Justice of our choice who could then rule on the application himself or refer the application to the full court for a determination.

We chose Justice Antonin Scalia. Last Thursday, October 23rd, we submitted our application to him by overnight Express Mail.

Click here for a copy of our letter to Justice Scalia.

We are pleased to announce that Justice Scalia has distributed our application to the full Court, which will decide the matter at a conference on November 14, 2008. Click here for the SCOTUS docket sheet. At that time the Supreme Court could either issue a restraining order against the Government or deny our application. The restraining order would stop the transfer of public funds pending an expedited determination of the Governmentís authority to use public funds in aid of decidedly private undertakings. If the application is denied, the full $700 billion money could be spent while the main case proceeds, eventually determining the underlying question of the Governmentís authority to use public funds in aid of private undertakings.

Click here for coverage of the issue by the Glens Falls, Post Star, who monitors our website and called for an interview.

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Click here to make your donation to the WTP Foundation.
Click here to see how much money we have raised so far.

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