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August 22, 2008

Ron Paul “Responds” to Petitions for Redress  

Government Puts Kibosh On Hunger Fast

Thus far, Texas Rep. Ron Paul has “responded” to the Petitions for Redress by having them “forwarded to the Clerk of the House.” 

While such a move is unique among the Members of the House, and is not a bad first step in etching the concept of Government accountability into the minds of some of the Members and advancing ever so slightly the question of the constitutional meaning of the last ten words of the First Amendment, it is highly unlikely that the Petitions for Redress will advance to House Committees for consideration, much less a vote to provide Redress. With the possible exception of Ron Paul, we know of no other politician willing to consider the notion of being held accountable to the People outside the periodic electoral process. 

Whether or not the Petitions for Redress served on Ron Paul advance beyond the Office of the Speaker of the House, a constituent’s Right to Redress (like that of Religion, Speech, Press and Assembly) is an individual Right that does not depend on the will of any person or majority, not in the House, not in the Senate, not on any Court bench, and not among those voting in any election.  

Forwarding the Petitions for Redress to the Clerk of the House has not relieved Rep. Ron Paul of his individual obligation to respond by answering the questions embedded in each of the seven Petitions for Redress. Even if his answer is, “I lack knowledge enough to admit or deny,” he has a legal (constitutional) obligation to respond.  

We pray Rep. Paul will personally respond to the Petitions for Redress.  

His staff appears to be against it. The staff admits Petitions for Redress of Grievances are constitutionally different from other petitions or routine constituent communications, and that Petitions for Redress of violations of the Constitution are far more important than Petitions for Redress of other types of Grievances.  Nonetheless, they argue that if Ron Paul responds to our Petitions for Redress (of violations of the constitution), it would open the “northwest passage” to inquiries and petitions of lesser importance from constituents, overwhelming the office with paperwork, with no budget to pay for it. 

Against the backdrop of their main concern about the “practical consequences” of a direct response by the Congressman, Ron Paul’s staff then raises question of whether Ron Paul has the legal authority to respond to Petitions for Redress. 

This, in spite of the fact that Ron Paul’s response to the Petitions for Redress would not be “on behalf of the House of Representatives,” his constituents are entitled to know where he stands on the serious and ongoing abuses of the Constitution by the Government, and the Redress requested by the Petitioners requires nothing more than "admit or deny" responses to a limited number of single sentence questions regarding the Government's violations.  

Click here for an exchange of emails with Rep. Paul’s staff. 

Click here for a copy of Ron Paul’s partial response to the Petitions for Redress.

Schulz Asks to Speak in Minneapolis!

WTP Chairman Bob Schulz flew to Washington on Tuesday to personally deliver a written request to Rep. Ron Paul asking him for a limited speaking slot in Paul's upcoming gathering of patriots in Minneapolis, which is part of Paul's new "Campaign for Liberty." The Paul event takes place simultaneously with the Republican Party national convention in St. Paul. 

Schulz wants to address the estimated 12,000 Constitution-minded attendees to expose them to the Foundation's groundbreaking academic research regarding the profound, but little-known, power of the First Amendment Petition clause. 

In his letter to Rep. Paul, Schulz makes the argument that given the urgency imposed by current world and domestic affairs and our Government's escalating disdain for the Constitution it would, "be wrong to, in effect, rely solely on the electoral process to cure what ails and threatens our nation."

For some time now, Schulz has attempted, without success, to arrange a personal meeting with Paul to discuss the critical importance of the Foundation's work in advancing the broader battle to salvage Liberty and restore Constitutional Order.  Despite the clear importance of this research, Paul has yet to publicly embrace or even discuss the Right to Petition.

The Foundation has assembled a significant body of legal and historical scholarly research that has firmly established that the Right to Petition is the "Capstone" Right of the Bill of Rights.  Its history in written Western law originated in Section 61 of Magna Carta (1215) and gave citizens the individual Right to use all means, up to and including the use of force, to cure Grievances involving the King's abuse of fundamental Rights. 

Since then, this powerful Right of the People has been entrenched as a foundational element of English Common Law, and was included as part of the English Bill of Rights (1689).  In 1776 the Right was expressly claimed as the final legal and moral justification for the Revolutionary War against King George in the Declaration of Independence. The Right was subsequently articulated again in 1789 as the last ten words of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.     

More information about the Right to Petition go to
For several key historical quotes regarding the nature of the Right, click here.

Government Vetoes Planned Hunger Fast!

Last Sunday we posted our Web Update titled “Next Step: Large Scale Hunger Fast.”  

Last Tuesday, WTP Chairman Bob Schulz met for the third time with the staff of the National Park Service (NPS) to discuss the details of WTP’s permit for the hunger fast. The fast was originally scheduled to start on August 11, but was rescheduled to start on September 16, due to the current five week break by Congress. 

Until Tuesday, the conditions of the permit included a 24 hours a day, 7 days per week hunger fast, with tents as shelters, provided there were “no sleeping bags, blankets and pillows for comfort.” Chairs would be allowed. 

Last Tuesday, NPS informed Bob that no one would be allowed to sleep during the hunger fast! Anyone caught sleeping, they said, would be cited for violating the permit. The cost would be $75 for each citation plus court costs. Bob argued, without success, that our Hunger Fast was a First Amendment expression of our disgust with the Government’s failure to respond to our Petitions for Redress, and that a “no sleeping” rule would, in effect, amount to a denial of First Amendment Rights to Petition, Speech and Association.  

Absent the initiation of yet another legal challenge, or hungering by People on 2-3 day shifts, the Park Service's “no sleeping” Rule effectively cancels the large scale hunger fast.


Here is what WTP will do to celebrate the 221st anniversary of the signing of the Constitution and to draw some attention to the fact that the Government is not only violating the Constitution, but is refusing to respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress. 

On Tuesday evening, September 16, 2008, we will gather at the area of the National Mall known as Constitution Gardens, which includes a memorial to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and is situated between the WW II Memorial and the Viet Nam Memorial.  Click here for aerial photos of the venue which lies directly across Constitution Avenue from the Federal Reserve building. 

6 PM, September 16th to 6 PM September 17th will be a day to celebrate our Constitution. For some, it will be a day of celebration and fasting. For others still, it will be a day of celebration, fasting and prayer. 

WTP will provide tents and chairs and a mobile bathroom set up for our overnight use. There will be a stage, a sound system and a large video screen. 

We will not sleep. J Instead we will watch movies all night on a large screen, including “1776,” “Washington, Your Fired,” “America, Freedom to Fascism” and other films apropos.  

From sunrise to 9:30 a.m. on September 17th, we will be inspired by several widely recognized inspirational speakers (to be announced later).  

At 9:30 AM we will march from Constitution Gardens to the front of the White House for a silent, one-hour vigil. As many of us as possible will be wearing “V” for Vendetta costumes to give expression to the fact that we are becoming a police state. (Click here to obtain a "V" costume). We will be carrying signs and banners demanding that the President “Respond to the Petitions for Redress” and “Obey the Constitution.”  

After returning to Constitution Gardens for a break from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, we will walk from Constitution Gardens to the U.S. Capitol for a silent, one-hour vigil. As many as possible will be wearing “V” costumes. We will be carrying signs and banners demanding that the members of the House and Senate “Respond to the Petitions for Redress” and “Obey the Constitution.”  

At 3:00 PM we will return to Constitution Gardens for a short workshop on organizational development. 

At 6:00 PM we will say our goodbyes and Godspeeds to one another.


There is a crisis of leadership, a crisis of strategy and a crisis of what the future looks like for those allegedly leading and directing the fight to restore Constitutional Order.  Although these "superpatriots," talk a mean game, they unfortunately appear to focus most of their energies toward garnering the most votes and selling the most newspapers, books, magazines, DVDs and convention seats. 

Some of these super-patriots see a bright future for Freedom resulting from blogging. 

Some super-patriots see a bright future for Freedom resulting from civic education alone.  

Some super-patriots see a bright future for Freedom resulting from civic education and a magically re-engineered electoral process. 

Some super-patriots see a bright future resulting from civic education coupled with an organized, critical mass of Patriots proactively confronting their servant Government and enforcing their Right to Redress.

Still others see a bright future emerging only by the tar and feathering (or worse) of those in public service who would dare tread on the Natural Rights of others.  

WTP stands with those who do not utilize Freedom as a profit center, who do not believe we can elect our way out of tyranny, who believe civic education without pro-active, non-violent confrontation is for naught, and who believe dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. 

Tell us if you will be joining us at the Constitution Gardens. We need to know how many tents to set up. Click here to commit to coming to Washington September 16-17.

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