June 18, 2008





There are a handful of issues we need everyone to immediately focus on, but overall the People are looking good as we get set to undertake “The Plan To Restore Constitutional Order.”

Issue number one: We need more Servers! Of the 535 members of Congress, 128 still have no servers as of noon today. Please check below and see if we need more volunteers from your state.
To volunteer, go to the
Server volunteer page

Issue number two: In some cases we have too many Servers!  Some people have signed up to serve multiple members of the House of Representatives, i.e., from Districts other than their own. Although this is perfectly acceptable as long as no one else has stepped forward to serve the (other) Representative, we prefer that each Representative be served by a constituent from his/her own District.

We need everyone to check to see who’s signed up to serve their Representative. If no one has, then please do so. If someone has signed up to serve your Representative and you have no doubt that that person lives outside your District, then please sign up to serve your Representative. If you have signed up to serve a Representative outside your District and someone else (with an address in the District) has also signed up to serve that Representative, then please "un-volunteer" yourself by removing the appropriate checkmark on the
Server volunteer page.

Remember -- for Representatives and Senators with numerous local offices within the state - you can serve the Petitions at ANY of their office locations. To determine which local office is nearest you, use the link on the Server volunteer page.

Issue number three: Volunteers: We need your mailing address! Some of the volunteer servers have not yet provided a mailing address for us to ship the Petition CD-ROM and instructions to. All current volunteers are asked to immediately go to the Server volunteer page and enter (or double check) their shipping address.

Issue number four: Four days ago we posted an update in which we estimated the cost of preparing and shipping the Petitions to the servers, and the cost of filing the eleven federal lawsuits would require, at a minimum, $7200.  Since then, we have received more than $5,000, for which we are very grateful.  We still need some financial assistance. If you are able to make a donation, please do so.

Please remember there are currently two items directly related to the Plan that we can send in return for your donation.  First, there is the splendid full-color, framable poster that Todd from
Michigan prepared for us as a fund raising premium (see below for preview and to order the poster).

Second, you can request exact duplicates of the CD-ROM Petition Package that is being served on the Government on June 30, 2008.

We urge you -- and need you -- to help us fund this important project to actively defend our Constitution. 

Status Report:
Petition Servers Needed

To volunteer, click here.

17  States needing NO servers
SD, UT, WV, WY.           

10  States needing only ONE more server: FL, GA, ME, MO, NE, NH, NC, OK, WA, WI.

5  States needing only TWO more servers: CT, IN, IA, MN, VA.

6  States needing only THREE more servers: KS, KY, MI, MS, ND, NJ.

5  States needing only FOUR more servers: AL, LA, MA, TX, VT.

7 States needing SIX or more servers: CA, IL, MD, NY, OH, PA, TN.

Special Request:

As previously reported, Ron Paul has publicly stated his belief that inherent in the People’s Right to Petition for Redress is the Right to a response from Government. In other words, Ron Paul may be the only member of Congress who believes the First Amendment guarantees the Right of the People to hold the Government accountable to the Constitution.

The problem is, no one has yet volunteered to deliver the Petitions for Redress to Ron Paul at one of his District offices on June 30.

Ron Paul’s congressional district lies south and east of Houston, along the Gulf of Mexico.


Fundraiser Poster Below!
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  Commit to the DC hunger protest           See who's hungering 
  Click here for the YouTube PLAN video: PART 1 and PART 2
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WTP Fundraiser!

As a fund raiser, we are now making available a high-resolution,
full-color poster marking WTP’s historic “V for Vendetta” DC 2007 Right-to-Petition protest event. Each poster is professionally printed on 80# pound, high gloss cover stock. 

The "16 x 20" posters are suitable for framing and are shipped in a sturdy shipping tube. 

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Posters are $30 each, or (5) five for $100.
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Watch "V's" powerful Freedom broadcast from the movie.

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