June 8, 2008



In our last email, we asked our supporters to help make our Plan to restore Constitutional Order go "viral" across the Internet by joining numerous local Ron Paul "Meetup.com" groups and sharing a short, pre-written message with those on-line communities who are committed to the vision of Liberty espoused by Ron Paul.

Today, we ask our supporters to continue this effort to take our Plan "viral" by following the additional steps outlined below to help bring the Revolution into the mainstream consciousness of the nation.

Again, we need to quickly reach beyond our current support base and awaken many, many more Americans to the idea that our
Liberty is at grave risk and that the defense of Freedom is both a Right and personal responsibility of each and every citizen.

To successfully battle the federal leviathan, it is clear we must commit to employing the profound, but little-known "capstone" Right articulated by our Founders as Supreme Law in the words of the First Amendment -- i.e., the Right to secure Redress for our Petitions regarding Constitutional Grievances and the Right to WITHHOLD our allegiance, our support and our tax money from the Government until such Redress is secured.

If we work together and tightly focus our collective efforts, we can bring our profound Plan to many more People. We need to build the critical mass necessary to peacefully achieve the goal of holding the Government accountable to the Constitution by claiming and exercising our unalienable Right of Redress. 

Time is short.  We need your support and your commitment.


Digg is a social "media" tool enabling its community of users to discover and share the best content on the web. It enables it users to promote worthy web content within its significant on-line community. Notable articles, videos, etc. are promoted into higher and higher areas of visibility on Digg's display pages as the number and "velocity" of "Diggs" on a particular item increases. 

To help our Revolution project page go "viral," WTP has added a "Digg" link element on our webpage: www.GiveMeLiberty.org/revolution. We need to have many of our WTP supporters "Digg" the WTP Revolution project ASAP. If enough people "Digg" our web page, many, many new people will be exposed to the Plan to continue the Revolution and the WTP organization.

Please go to the Revolution webpage (link above), hit the "Digg" button (in the left column), log on to Digg, and "Digg" our Revolution web page
AND the YouTube videos linked below. To "Digg" the videos, click on the video links below. The link to "Digg" the video appears below the video.

If you do not have a Digg account, you will be prompted to create one.  You can also leave messages about our Revolution project which may generate discussion and debate within the Digg community.  Digg also has a separate Blog for its users that you may consider participating in.


We have a number of videos now streaming from YouTube. YouTube ranks its videos according to the number of views, the "red star ratings", and the level of comment activity related to the videos.  The more views, higher ratings and discussion activity, the higher the video moves up in the rankings. 

We would like our WTP supporters to visit YouTube, watch the videos (even if you have seen them before!) and propagate the Revolution Plan discussion by using YouTube's "star" rating and commenting functions. You have to be logged in to a YouTube  account to execute any of the YouTube rating or commenting functions.

Here again are the YouTube.com video links:

PART 1:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qPkZWDsf3U
PART 2:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNwXSuL2CnY

YouTube also provides direct links into MySpace, Facebook and, as mentioned above, Digg. If you have a MySpace of Facebook page, please consider promoting our Plan in those communities as well.  This is how web content goes viral.

Google Video:

Our plan videos are posted at Google Video.  Google also has a number of functions you can take advantage of to help make the Plan go viral.  Similar to YouTube, Google has a rating system based on user ratings, number of video "embeds" from blogs, RSS feeds, sharing of video links through Google's sharing/email functions and the number of times the videos have been viewed. Again, you must have a Google video account to access these rating/sharing functions.

To log in to Google Video, click on the "Sign in" link located at the very top, right side of the page you access at the links below, or go directly to http://video.google.com.

Please go to the video links below, create an account, log in, and help the Revolution go viral!

PART 1:  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5044650412583113656&hl=en
PART 2:   http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2052560420606749449&hl=en

By clicking on the "UP" arrow in the very bottom-right corner of our Google videos, you can access the code needed to "embed" the videos on your own blog or website. 

By clicking on the "SHARE" button near the video's description, you can access many of Google's sharing functions, including links to e-mail the video to your contact lists, and links to Facebook, Digg, and several other rating/social networking providers.

Your Ideas:

If you have other ideas for helping our Plan go "viral" across the Internet, please email your ideas to Bob@GiveMeliberty.org.
Go to www.GiveMeLiberty.org/revolution for all the details of this important Liberty project.

Fundraiser Below!  Please help fund our important work.
The WTP Foundation is funded entirely by your donations.

Donations to the tax-exempt 501(c)3 Foundation are fully tax deductible.


More Revolution Resources:

Please go to
www.GiveMeLiberty.org/revolution to:

  Join the WTP Congress -- Just $7 / month
  Read & Sign  the Petitions for Redress of Grievances
  Volunteer to serve the Petitions locally     
  Volunteer as a lawsuit Plaintiff       
  Commit to the DC hunger protest    
  Click here for the YouTube PLAN video: PART 1 and PART 2
        + more news & video, the Right-to-Petition scholarly research, and much, much more...
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