May 8, 2008

"Judge's order stifles a basic right"

Newspaper’s editorial board supports WTP

Yesterday, May 7, 2008, the editorial board at the Post Star  in Glens Falls, New York published an editorial titled, “Judge’s order stifles a basic right.” We have the editorial posted on our home page alongside the Judge’s order that was the target of the editorial.

The order of U.S. District Court Judge McAvoy not only bans the further distribution of WTP’s "instructive" forms challenging the Government’s (alleged) authority to force companies to withhold pay from worker’s paychecks, but orders WTP to turn over to the Government the identities of a small number of identifiable individuals who had specifically requested that a copy of the educational materials be mailed from WTP. 

Beginning in 2003, virtually thousands of copies of the withholding related Petition documents were shared with unknown members of the public -- all for free -- via distribution at public WTP meetings and anonymously over the Internet via the WTP website.

WTP has mounted an aggressive legal defense to overturn the Judge's order (which was issued contrary to well-established law of civil procedure and without any adversarial public hearing or trial).  The appeal is currently continuing at the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

WTP remains free to disseminate its otherwise unchallenged First Amendment protected educational and Petition materials, including those seeking Redress regarding the federal income tax fraud and the Iraq Resolution, Federal Reserve System, U.S. Patriot Act, Illegal Immigration, North American Union, Gun Control and Election Integrity.

The editorial support of the significant First Amendment issues at stake came as a complete surprise to WTP, not only because the newspaper directly spoke up against the Judge’s order, but because it did so quite forcefully.

Among its many warnings:

1.        “[W]hen it comes to speaking about taxes, the government’s first reaction is to stuff the Constitution in your mouth and wrap your face with duct tape.”  

In other words, the Government has acted as though there is a tax exception to the Bill of Rights.

2.       The Judge’s “obtrusive action is designed … to make others think twice about even reading what [Schulz] has to say. The last thing any taxpayer in this country wants is to get themselves on the Internal Revenue’s Service’s radar, much less on its bad side…What we have here is a government that’s going too far to shut down a citizen’s right to exercise his right to free speech. If they succeed in …threatening anyone just for listening, then who do you think they’ll go after next?” 

In other words, there is a real danger if people abandon WTP and its efforts to question and legally change the way Government operates simply because they are afraid of the IRS.

Click here to read the full editorial.

Significant News From WTP Coming This Weekend

We at WTP have been so busy with “The Plan” for this summer’s activities, the National Clean Election Lawsuit against the 50 states and the Government’s “6700” case against our distribution of the information on Withholding that we have not been able to post Updates to keep you properly informed about the developments.

We will post a series of very significant updates over the next few days. Please look for them and spread the news.


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