October 2, 2007

"Clean Elections" Lawsuit
to Expand to All 50 States

More Plaintiffs Needed

As of last Wednesday, all ten states currently listed as defendants in the National Clean Elections Lawsuit were served with the Summons and Complaint. The action is aimed at prohibiting the use of all types of vote counting machines, and requiring hand-counting of all primary and general election ballots in full view of the public.

The lawsuit has raised significant constitutional questions challenging the generally accepted practices of state election officials of relying on "black box" voting machines to record and count the votes at each polling station, and allow tallying of votes by election officials outside the view of the general public. In many cases, states have officially authorized voting "systems" that leave virtually no paper trail from which to audit the vote.

Click here to see a news video from
Des Moines, Iowa about the lawsuit.
Click here to read a news article from New Hampshire's Union Leader

More Plaintiffs Needed

Thus far, the lawsuit been brought against ten states: Iowa, Texas, Florida, New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, California, South Carolina, Ohio and Oregon.

Due to mounting public interest, it has been decided to do everything possible to add the remaining forty states as defendants. To do this, we need at least one citizen from each of those forty states to step forward to be a plaintiff.  

It has also been decided, in an abundance of caution, to increase the number of plaintiffs from each of the fifty states to two or three. 

Therefore, we are calling for additional citizens to become plaintiffs in the clean elections lawsuit. Citizens need to be at least age 18 and be registered to vote in the state where they reside. They should have a passion for liberty and for making sure every vote is counted. They should also be able and willing to stay with the action through “thick and thin.” Remember, discontent brings change, but change also brings discontent.

To summarize, we need at least one plaintiff from each of the ten states already sued to function as "back-up" plaintiffs (in case one of the original plaintiffs drops out for some unanticipated reason), and we need at least two plaintiffs for each of the balance of the 40 remaining states. 

Click here if you have in interest in becoming a plaintiff. Please enter all the contact information requested.
There is no cost to become a plaintiff.

If interested, please join one of our group conferences (to be scheduled later). We will provide prospective plaintiffs a brief overview of the legal process, your responsibilities as a plaintiff and we will attempt to answer any questions you may have. We will notify potential plaintiffs

The lawsuit is being coordinated with Jim Condit's election fraud watchdog group, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count.  Its website is www.votefraud.org

It would be good to have representatives of other “election integrity” groups participate as plaintiffs.

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