September 19, 2007

Second Circuit Hears Oral Arguments

Listen to the Hearing

As scheduled, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan heard oral arguments yesterday regarding the appeal of WTP's Motion to Stay the "6700" injunction issued against WTP by a federal District Court on August 9th.

WTP had appealed the Order claiming it was impermissibly vague and overbroad and that WTP would suffer irreparable harm if the Order was enforced prior to appeal.  

Late last week, the DOJ filed its Response in opposition to the WTP motion appeal.  On Monday, WTP filed its Reply brief.

To download an audio recording of Tuesday's hearing, RIGHT-click here. (3.9 MB, .wma) Please do not attempt to open this large audio file directly from WTP server.

More details about the government's 6700 "abusive tax shelter" case will be provided soon. 

Please remember that our on-line e-stores have been disabled pending resolution of the outstanding injunction issues. Your direct 
donations are currently the only source of funding for the WTP Foundation.  Although the website content has been deleted, our supporters can still join our e-Mail list donate, join the WTP Congress, and make Profile changes such as address, email, etc.

Click here to access all the "6700" lawsuit documents.