August 25, 2007


August 24, 2007



Once again, our servant federal Government has employed an indirect, ingenious, and most cunning means to achieve a nefarious end. 

Whether the end is a justification for an immoral war against Iraq or a war against the Right to Petition and accountability, it makes no difference to the Government – the ends justify the means.  

Doubtless, from the White House to the Government’s lawyers and tax collectors, we have a clever bunch of tyrants treading on us.

Here’s a clue to the latest factual chapter in the continuing epic tale about WTP and the Right to Petition, which we present to you below:  

"WMD" is to the war against Iraq
 as WTP’s "Blue Folder" is
to the war against the Right to Petition


The Facts

It’s no state secret that the Government does not like what Bob Schulz and the We The People organization have been doing to raise awareness about the Rights of the People and the Obligations of the Government as guaranteed by the First Amendment’s Petition Clause: “Congress shall make no law abridging the Right of the People to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances.”  

The Government does not want the People to know that if the People have evidence that Government is violating any provision of the Constitution, the People not only have the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress (remedy) of the constitutional tort, but the Government is obligated to respond, and the People have the Right to withdraw their allegiance to and support from the Government if the Government refuses to respond to the Petitions for Redress.  

Government abhors accountability as much as nature abhors a vacuum. 

So, the Government has apparently been getting nervous with each new WTP inspired educational program and civic action relating to the Right To Petition, whether it’s newspaper ads, regional and national conferences, web casts, freedom drives, YouTube and Google streaming video clips, the movie “America: Freedom to Fascism”, lawsuits, “V” for Vendetta silent vigils, radio interviews, hunger fasts or our Web site articles or messages that go out to our large email list.  

The word is getting around. Case in point, look what Michael Van Deelen achieved last week in the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Click here to read the Court’s decision. Thank you Mr. Van Deelen; the wonderful constitutional principles soundly reaffirmed in your case will soon help us in our efforts to get the Supreme Court to hear our landmark Right to Petition case.  

Not only does the Government not want the People to know the full contours of the meaning of the words of the “Accountability Clause” of the First Amendment for fear it may radically restore the original and intended balance of power between the People and the Government, the Government will do most anything, lawful or not, to keep this truth from the People.  

Case in point: Let's examine more closely the Government’s actions in the civil "6700" injunction case it filed against Bob Schulz and the WTP corporations several months ago.

In its complaint, an IRS Agent who goes by the name of "David Gordon" claimed that as a consequence of WTP’s “Operation Stop Withholding” the IRS had to spend $1,600 to prepare a “substitute for return” for each of 997 people for each of three years (i.e., over $4,700,000).  

In other words, Gordon led the Court to believe that as part of Operation Stop Withholding, 997 workers had submitted the WTP withholding forms to their companies, the companies stopped withholding and the workers kept the money from the IRS. Worse yet, Gordon led the Court to believe that “while WTP sometimes gave the material away for free, WTP normally received $20 for each Blue Folder it distributed.” 

In fact, aside from this self-serving claim, the Government failed to produce any evidence for the Court of any company who stopped withholding after receiving any of the material from WTP’s Operation Stop Withholding. 

What was before the Court however, was evidence that the 997 “non-filers” Gordon  referred to came from the list of 1400 named plaintiffs in the Right to Petition lawsuit, each of whom had courageously submitted an affidavit to the DC Court stating that they had stopped filing tax returns because the Government had not responded to their Petitions for Redress of Grievances relating to the Iraq Resolution, the Federal Reserve, the USA Patriot Act and the direct un-apportioned tax on labor.

In other words, Gordon has filed Substitute Returns in direct retaliation against the
RTP Plaintiffs, even while the litigation is still continuing and even though the constitutional question of whether those individual Plaintiffs had a Right to stop filing and paying remains an unsettled question of law. In its pleadings WTP even pointed out for the Court that nowhere has the IRS actually been delegated any legal authority to create "substitute returns" for Form 1040. 

Also before the Court was evidence that WTP distributed thousands of copies of the Operation Stop Withholding Blue Folders for free and put the entire contents of the Blue Folder on the website for free downloading, while receiving a nominal donation of $20 from a relative handful of people over the last four and a half years who, for whatever reason could not download the material from the website.

The $20 was meant to cover the cost of the folder, paper, copying and mailing by Priority Mail. If WTP covered its cost with the $20 it was only because the person was a volunteer who made the 15 mile trip to Staples to buy the supplies and who stood at our copy machine to copy the more than 100 pages of documents, who organized and packaged up the document, created mailing labels and who made the trip to the post office to mail the package.  Of course, even this does not even begin to address overhead costs such as electricity, copier rental, etc.  

On August 9, 2007 the Court issued a Decision and Order granting Summary Judgment against WTP and issuing an injunction prohibiting the "offensive" Speech. 

Here’s the rub. Even though the "Blue Folder" is the sole document at the heart of the Government's 6700 lawsuit, the Court's Decision and Order does not mention, and is not restricted to distribution of the Blue Folder or its content. In fact, the language is so broad and vague so as to reach virtually everything WTP does – our very reason for being-- especially our programs and activities relating to the natural Right to Petition government to Redress the Peoples' Grievances.

Under the terms of the Order the DOJ would be filing a motion with this judge to hold us in contempt of court every time we spoke publicly about the Right to Petition, every time we publicly raised our “No Answers, No Taxes” banner, every time we publicly repeated the wonderful quotes from the historical record about the privilege of giving and withholding our money to intercede in Petitioning for Redress of Grievances and for the restoration of our Rights, historically articulated in the Magna Carta and the Journals of the Continental Congress to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights and beyond.  

Under the terms of this constitutionally impermissible Order, WTP is required to turn over to the IRS the name, address, phone number and social security number of any and all people who have obtained any of our educational materials, including the record of the Citizens’ Truth in Taxation Hearing, and so forth.

Doubtless, the Government has used this lawsuit against the Blue Folder as a means to silence Bob, destroy WTP and to shut down the Right to Petition process, by chilling people of ordinary firmness from continuing to engage in these constitutionally protected activities.   

For instance, the Government would love nothing better than for WTP to be unable to take the RTP case through to the Supreme Court for lack of funding. The Government would love nothing better than for WTP to remove most of the highly credible legal and historical research housed on its website. And most of all, the Government would love to frighten away those who have stood together in the defense of Liberty under the auspices of our organization and the thousands and thousands that have supported our cause. 

The Government knows (as Jefferson knew) that, "Most People prefer the calm seas of despotism to the boisterous sea of Liberty, where there is always a wave crashing," and are inclined to fear the government. But Jefferson also knew that, "When the People fear the government you have tyranny, but when the government fears the People you have Liberty."

We have filed a motion for a modification of the Order and we will be appealing the final decision to the US Court of Appeals in Manhattan.

Links to all the "6700" case documents are now provided on the 6700 Lawsuit Documents web page. We strongly encourage everyone to read the most recent documents and Court decisions and post your comments here. As these may be published, it is recommended that you use your spell and grammar check tool.   

Remember, despite the Government's unlawful attacks and denial of justice to date, we are almost to the steps of the Supreme Court.

An event of untold historical significance is almost upon us:  We are about to learn either, 1) that the People are indeed the true Sovereigns and the First Amendment Petition clause enables each of us to exercise such Right peacefully, or 2) that our Government has failed us in its very raison d'etre -- the servant created by us, to protect us and secure our individual, unalienable Rights.

Either way, the People of this nation will soon have some very important decisions to make. 

History is made by those who show up and make it happen. Please help us continue this epic fight to a successful conclusion by considering a donation. If we have no funds, the battle cannot be fought.

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