March 23, 2007

Income Tax Panel Added to GML 2007

On March 3rd we posted an article titled “Judiciary vs. Judiciary,” which introduced you to Shreveport, Louisiana attorney Tommy Cryer. The article began with this sentence: 

If all attorneys are officers of the courts that make up the judicial branch of the government, then the government now has one of its best and brightest members challenging the legality of the operation and enforcement of the federal income tax system on constitutional and statutory grounds.”  

Mark our words, Tom Cryer is going to make a positive difference in the People’s quest for the truth regarding the fraudulent origin and illegal operation of the federal income tax system. He has a lot going for him.  

First and foremost is his legal training and experience in researching the law and writing legal briefs, and he is a seasoned trial attorney in civil and criminal cases. Completely on his own, and over a two-year period of time, without any connection whatsoever to any of the personalities and organizations in the Tax Honesty movement, Cryer researched the subject and found the enforcement of the current direct, un-apportioned tax on labor to be patently unconstitutional. Cryer undertook the research for no other reason than to keep a friend of his who had decided to stop filing a tax return from “getting into trouble.”  

In addition, Cryer’s communication skills are far above par, with an abundance of wit and humor that can be very disarming. 

Finally, Cryer appears to be a born leader. Determined and courageous, he has purposely put himself in harm’s way in order to have “standing” as a party in an administrative, civil or criminal action.

His upcoming criminal tax trial may well be the first time a well-seasoned, practicing licensed attorney has stood in defiance of the Department of Justice and IRS, ready to defend himself against criminal charges based on Constitutional and statutory grounds.     

Embedded in our March 3rd article was a link to a brilliant 104-page Motion to Dismiss by Cryer. Since then, there have been several additional filings in the case including: the Government's Response; Cryer's Reply; Cryer's Trial Brief; Cryer's Proposed Jury Instructions; and Cryer's Proposed Voir Dire Questions.  (ed note: -- several of these files are almost 1 MB in size.  Please RIGHT-click to save the .pdf target file to your computer before attempting to open it)

At the very least, Cryer’s upcoming trial promises to be a troublesome prosecution for the Government.  If Cryer is successful in convincing his jury about the true state of the Law, the Tax Honesty movement will have scored a significant victory against the Government’s persecution of those that have sought -- and discovered -- the truth.


GML 2007

Due to the shifting circumstances, we have modified our Give Me Liberty 2007 agenda by adding a panel discussion regarding the Income Tax fraud.

Because of the large number of current events documenting the relentless attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we originally had deferred addressing the federal income tax question at the conference, pending a prior decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit in our lawsuit regarding the First Amendment Right to Petition.

It now appears that the Court’s decision will be delayed until after the conference.    

We then learned about and researched the matter of attorney Tom Cryer. We had no choice but to add Cryer to the agenda due to the compelling need to share his story with the People in person.  Having made the decision to add a session to the agenda on the Income Tax vs. the Constitution, we also decided to invite Joe Banister to speak at the session to briefly retell his equally courageous story, and to bring people up to date on his situation following his acquittal on felony tax charges last year by a jury of his peers.  

Finally, we decided to introduce to our constituency three other leaders of the Tax Honesty movement who have not yet directly participated in prior WTP events, but who, in their own ways, have been trying to force the Government to answer questions about the legal authority and operation of the federal income tax system by assisting those under government attack “in the trenches:” Pete Hendrickson, Steve Hempfling and Peymon Mottahedeh. 

We trust that all conference attendees and Pay-Per-View participants will find this panel of accomplished income tax fraud fighters of considerable interest and value.

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