March 7, 2007

Rooms Available - Sign Up Now!

After many supporters responded to our call for $159 donations to assist others secure lodging for the upcoming Give Me Liberty 2007 conference, WTP is now poised to offer a limited number of free hotel room-nights to conference attendees seeking assistance in lowering their conference lodging costs. 

As you know, last week we began to offer a (free) 3-day, live pay-per-view Internet webcast and DVD/CD-ROM record of the conference proceedings in exchange for a donation of $159. 

Each donation of $159 enables WTP to directly subsidize the cost of a single nightís lodging for a room at the conference Hilton venue. 

We are now ready to offer a limited number of free hotel-night stays to conference attendees. We hope that by lowering the cost of lodging, many more will be able to participate in our important event.

Hereís How It Works: 

1)  People desiring lodging assistance need to contact WTP and request how many nights lodging they need assistance with. 

Prospective lodgers need to indicate if they will be registering as a single or as a couple and whether they want a full hotel room or desire to share a room.

IMPORTANT:  WTP is attempting to enable as many supporters as possible to afford attending the conference. Lodgers requesting the FEWEST number of free room-nights will be offered the available free room-nights first.  Lodgers requesting the highest numbers of subsidized nights will be offered rooms last. We will offer as many room-nights as we can.

Again, if you request (1) free night, your request will be processed before those requesting (2) or more nights.

2) After we receive lodging assistance requests, the WTP office will organize the requests and begin to quickly contact the potential lodgers by phone.  We will contact lodgers ASAP so they can complete their registrations and arrange for travel to DC.

Depending on availability and the mix of requests, lodgers will be offered one, two, or more free nights lodging at the conference hotel.

3)  Potential lodgers need to be prepared to commit to coming to the conference and completing their lodging arrangements during the phone contact.  During the phone call we will request credit card and billing information so we can immediately process the balance of the anticipated hotel bill including taxes, fees, etc.

Sam Supporter wants to attend the GML 2007 conference for (3) hotel nights beginning Wednesday March 28th.  The regular cost of the Hilton hotel rooms (including taxes, fees, etc.) is $548.55 (see the hotel reservation page).  Sam requests (2) subsidized room-nights.  WTP offers Sam (2) two free nights.

WTP calls Sam and requests to process the hotel balance of $230.55 (i.e., $548.55 - (2 x ($159)).

This lowers Samís per-night lodging costs for three nights -- including all taxes, fees etc. to $76.85 -- and thatís for a FULL hotel room at the Hilton conference venue.

EXAMPLE #2:   

Letís say Lisa Liberty  plans to travel alone ands agrees to SHARE a hotel room with another attendee (of the same sex).

Lisa wants to attend the conference for (4) hotel nights beginning Wednesday March 28th.  The regular cost of the (4) Hilton hotel room-nights for a SHARED room (including taxes, fees, etc.) is $365.70 (see the hotel reservation page).  Lisa requests (2) subsidized room-nights.  WTP offers Lisa (2) two free nights.

WTP calls Lisa and requests to process the remaining hotel balance of $206.70,
(i.e., $365.70 - (2 x $79.50)).

This lowers Lisaís per-night SHARED lodging costs for (4) four nights -- including all taxes, fees etc. to $51.67 per night.

Some VERY important points: 

1)  Please remember that the offer for subsidized hotel rooms is good ONLY for those that have NOT already made their hotel reservations at the conference venue.  We cannot offer any assistance to those who have already made their hotel reservations through WTP.

We hope that those who have already paid for their conference hotel reservations realize that WTP is using these separately donated funds exclusively to help and encourage others to attend who would otherwise choose not too.  We are hoping that by offering the available subsidies as we are will enable the maximum number of attendees. 

2)  Requests from parties with two or more conference attendees will receive higher priority than room requests from singles desiring to occupy FULL rooms.

3)  This offer is strictly limited.  WTP will offer as many rooms as it can and, of course, reserves the right to withdraw, modify and/or terminate this offer at any time. 

4)  PLEASE  -- do NOT submit a hotel request if you are not ready to commit to attending the conference and completing and paying the balance for the hotel reservation.  We need to allocate these limited free room-nights to as many people as we can in time for the attendees to complete their travel plans, etc. 

5)  The subsidies have been set at the base discounted hotel conference rate of $159/night.  Lodgers are still required to pay the remaining balance of their rooms including taxes, fees, etc.  Lodgers are, of course, responsible for all incidental charges to their rooms such as movies, phone calls, room services, etc. and will need to arrange for such at the time of check-in. 

6.) The last day to receive the promotional $159 rate we negotiated with the Hilton is fast approaching so we need your request as soon as possible.


We are pleased to be offer these free hotel nights and hope that they will encourage many of you to further consider coming to this important WTP event.

We will continue to offer the live 3-day Pay-per-view package (and the full record on DVD/CD-ROM) through the conference event.  We will continue to offer the subsidized hotel nights as long as we can. 

Please consider donating NOW to get the free PPV of the GML 2007 event so that others can afford to attend the conference and have time to make their travel arrangements. 


1)  Send an e-mail ASAP to Click Here

2)  In the email, please provide:

             a.  Your name
             b.  Your phone numbers (work, home, cell, etc.)
             c.  Requested # of subsidized room-nights
                        (remember, requests for fewer rooms will be honored first)
             d.  Your request for a FULL hotel room or a SHARED room (1/2 price).
                        (see the hotel reservations page for more details) 

3)  Please be prepared to commit to the hotel rooms and pay for the balance owed on the room ASAP after being contacted.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the conference.

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