December 17, 2006

Quitters Never Win

We occasionally receive comments expressing strong “difference of opinion” sent in by readers of our updates.  We expect them and are certainly not troubled by them, especially when they contain constructive criticisms. 

However, every now and then someone will send us an exasperating message claiming, “The Constitution is dead.” 

We just received such a message in response to our article about the pamphlet “Democracy or Republic; Which Is It?”  The message ended with the words, “The whole fraudulent system is kept in place by a corrupt judiciary. Good luck telling the troops they live in a Republic.” 

This “Constitution is dead” message came from one of many who apparently sit in their living rooms moaning and complaining about the state of our affairs of governance, but who remain too afraid or too lazy to get off the sidelines and join the team on the field, or to even cheer the team on from the stands.  

Anyone who says the Constitution is dead is a quitter. Those who are committed to the cause of Freedom know well that although it is under attack and suffering abuse, our Constitution guarantees a republican form of government and is not dead.

Couch-bound critics such as the one who sent us this message know full well they have a copy of the Constitution somewhere within their reach. They also consciously choose not to reach for it or ponder the state of our Constitution too deeply because after further reflection, it would be clear that it is not a “corrupt judiciary” that is the root cause of these evils, but rather the person they see in the mirror that has, by simply doing nothing, allowed our Constitution to wither.

After fully grasping that the words of the Constitution manifest the protections of the most precious gifts of our Creator -- Life and Liberty -- and realizing that the Constitution cannot defend itself, our critics are left pondering a most disturbing question: If it is not I who will step forward to fight in defense of the Constitution, is it I who has allowed it, and the Divine gifts it protects, to die? 

A tough question, indeed - one that forces each American to grapple with his own character, his priorities in this life, and his commitment to the cause of Liberty.   

In the end it's simply reprehensible for citizens to be standing on the sidelines pretending to be Patriots, yelling at those on the field that the game is lost, when in fact the game has just begun. 

We know the courts are corrupt. So what if the striped-shirt referees are government agents? That's no excuse for the team to walk off the field or for anyone to encourage the players to do so. The fact that the referees have such a conflict of interest is good to know, for every solution is only as good as the definition of the problem.  Their “fixed” game will be exposed and dealt with in due course.

Granted, not everyone has the talent, resources or character needed to engage on the field in this rough and tumble contest for Liberty with so much at stake for both sides. However, it seems to us the duty of every responsible American is to either suit up and get on the field of play or get into the stands and support the home team.  Bringing a friend or two to the game wouldn’t hurt either.

Quitters never win. Winners never quit. Let’s play ball.



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