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NO Voting Machines Allowed.  NONE.

Paper Ballots +
Hand Counting
All In Public.
= Clean Elections.

NCEL = Liberty!


"NCEL" is the National Clean Elections Lawsuit to ban, BY LAW,
the use of ALL mechanical and electronic voting machines on the
legal basis that machines, by their nature, count the votes using
secret mechanisms and software, thereby depriving the People of
their Constitutionally protected Right to PUBLIC elections and
to KNOW their votes have been counted accurately.

Given the widespread, officially documented failures of these
machines and the gross potential for error, criminal sabotage and
election fraud on a national basis, nothing less than our Republic
is at stake. 
Your ongoing financial support is needed to fund this
historic and costly effort to protect the very foundation of our electoral
process, our representative form of governance and ultimately,
our Liberty. Please donate.


ALL the NCEL Court Documents

Read the Amended Complaint (Nov. 2007, condensed version)

Read the (2007) overview Press Release

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Our WTP NCEL Lawsuit Updates:
Aug. 27, 2011
  “SHAME ON NEW YORK STATE”  Betrayal of the State and Judiciary Exposed
July 26, 2011   NCEL: DANGER!  Secret Vote Counting Will Continue...U.S. District Court Dismisses NCEL Lawsuit... 
Dec. 26, 2010
  NCEL, WTP's Year-End Summary of Events, 2010
Mar. 18, 2010   NCEL: Still Haggling on Issue of Confidentiality  (NY State wants all evidence classified "top-secret")
May, 11, 2009  

WTP Federal Lawsuit to Ban All Electronic Voting Heads for Trial

Discovery Begins,
Jury Will Decide the Law

Nov. 17, 2007
  NCEL Update & Full-Page Ad in Washington Times
Nov. 6, 2007
  50 States Sued to Block Computerized Vote Counting -- Federal Court to be Asked to Delay Primaries
Sept. 21, 2007
  WTP  Initiates National “Clean Elections” Lawsuit
Aug. 15, 2007
  WTP Takes Action Against Vote Fraud - Diebold Machines Fail in Iowa

Learn & Educate

Our full-page ad in
The Washington Times

Our NCEL printable flyer

Read the University of California research reports critical of the Diebold electronic
voting machines and official decertification by the state of California.

Read the study by Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy
and Department of Computer Science, entitled, “Security Analysis of the Diebold
Accuvote-TS Voting Machine.”

News stories documenting electronic vote counting machine failures
at the 2008 Iowa Straw Poll conducted by State election officials:
Des Moines Register, United Press International, Chicago Tribune, CNN 

The NCEL lawsuit is being co-sponsored by Citizens For A Fair Vote Count

Calendar of 2008 Primaries as of 11-29-07.pdf

Video, Audio & Book Resources

Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws - Video demonstrating how to
steal votes using Diebold touch-screen voting machines.

Hacking Democracy - Documentary uncovers incendiary evidence from the trash cans
of Texas to the ballot boxes of Ohio, exposing secrecy, votes in the trash, software hacking
and election officials rigging the 2004 presidential recount.

Invisible Ballots - A Temptation for Electronic Voting. Governments are installing
computerized voting systems with no paper record to verify accuracy. Elections will
be controlled by companies that do not allow voters to inspect their software.

Book:  "Hacked: High Tech Election Theft in America", 11 tech experts expose the vulnerabilities.

Radio Interview - NCEL Plaintiff Jim Condit Jr. 10-5-07   Condit is founder of

Radio interview - NCEL Plaintiff Art Groveman 10-17-07