The following are representative e-mails AGAINST
WTP's questions regarding U.S./Israeli policy.

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Sent: Saturday, April 07, 2007 9:11 PM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org


Please remove me from your list. I tried to unsubscribe on your web site, but didn't accomplis it.

You are wrong about Israel.


Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 1:23 AM
To: info@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Israel Controversy 

Dear WTP,

I read your recent email regarding the conference where Israel and the US

turned you down and Palestine accepted. I also read the emails from members

who disagree with you. 

I have a few observations: 

1. Anyone who relies on ANYTHING that ex failed President Jimmy Carter has to say, I have to seriously question your sanity. 

2. If you want to stick with the idea that not one cent of our blood and treasure should be given to any foreign power as 'AID', I am TOTALLY with you. If you are going to allege that Israel is less deserving or more evil than another group like the Palestinians then I think you are some stealth anti semite group in disguise, your last email leads me to that conclusion. A lot of people who you question their biases, their intelligence, and their biblical knowledge; I happen to agree with them, not you; some of your conclusions on the bible I think are dead wrong. 

2a.And your list about why we're wrong and you are right sounds really


You have a really good organization here, if you want to push this issue why don't you put it to a democratic vote of your members? If you are 'we the people' then let the people vote. 

Don't jump the shark on this. If you keep up along the vein you have been speaking I will remove my name from your newsletter list. 

Please reply

Thank you,


Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 2:15 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: re: U.S., Israel and AIPAC: "No, Thank You"

Bob,   Wrong on all counts...history, the Bible, and Islam.

A holy war has been declared against Christianity and Judaism.  Its us or them.  Remove me from your list.


 Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 3:01 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Anti-Israel Sentiments


 First, let me say what an absolutely awesome job you and your co-hearts are doing to stem the tide of our eroding constitution and our rights.  Without your efforts I am afraid we would probably have lost the fight, already.  I have been an avid fan and supporter for several years now.

 However, I am a bible believing conservative and, as a result, am a stanch supporter of Israel.  I believe that if we failed to help Israel then our nation is doomed.  As the bible says, "I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel."  Therefore, I cannot and will not back you in this particular effort.

 I would ask that you reconsider your position on this mater and see if you can be more specific in your quest to limit US support for Israel.  I understand that there is always corruption in any government and Israel is probably no exception.  However, if we cease to stand with Israel, then I feel there is little hope for America.




Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 3:38 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org

If Palestinians are being oppressed and their society is being destroyed by Israel, and if Palestinians and empathetic Arabs and Muslims in surrounding countries are now directing their anger and hostilities against America because our financial aid to Israel is paying for the destruction of the Palestinian society, and if these hostile acts by Arabs and Muslims against America are the underlying cause of the domestic "War on Terror" in America, and if the "War on Terror" in America is the proximate cause of the developing Police State (euphemistically called the National Security State) in America, and if the growing Police State is eroding the individual Rights, protected Freedoms and cherished Liberties of the People, then it would be undeniable that U.S. foreign policy regarding Israel is not in our national interest and is not serving the general welfare of all Americans.

 Their religion, Islam, requires them to kill any who do not convert.  It's in the Koran, it's their law.  Any Muslim that says different is either lying, or has been lied to.   The point is, even if we pulled out support for Israel, the Muslims would still attack the US.  They have to, they have no religious choice, it's the will of their "god" that all infidels die.   We are in essence keeping the Israelis from becoming extinct, and thereby preventing the Muslim hordes from turning 100% of  their attention to us.  It's called a buffer state....  These people are the absolute worst terrorists possible.  They say to your face they are peace loving and we are evil blah blah blah, and then they strap 10lbs of C4 to a child and run him into a shopping mall.   Are we doing the right thing, yes.  Are we going about it the right way, probably not.   Are American lives being saved, yes and that's what counts.   If you want to devote time, money and energy to something, keep on this right to petition and the illegal income tax.   You need to concentrate your efforts on one issue.  If you get divided between all these different issues you won't win any of them.  


Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 10:22 AM
To: info@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Taxation

Dear Bob Schulz,

I believe you are straying too far from our original intent of proving the U.S. Tax system is unjustly applied to people who are not legally required to pay taxes. You and I may share the belief that many or our international problems in the U.S. are centered around our strong support of Israel.  But this is certainly not the venue to address it. This is a distraction that will dilute our original intent and lose much needed support as well.

I beg of you to cease.



Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 10:08 AM
To: info@givemeliberty.org
Cc: [redacted]
Subject: anti israel stance and loss of focus

dear bob,I must take issue with you with regards to your view of

israel.being a former christian and now a gentile who fears, loves,and 

respects the creator,the father of abraham ,issac,and jacob,iam 

compelled to respond to your current stance about israel.iam not a 

person converting to be a jew however i attach myself to the creator 

and give my full support to the existance of the jewish state based on 

isaiah56 provision for the foreinger.bob if in fact some how our 

support of israel violates our constitution which i do not believe it 

does.,the word of god trumps our constitution,no apologies!i advise 

you to read isaiah49:3,6 it is they the chosen people that are to be a 

light unto the gentiles so that gods salvation for all mankind will be 

revealed through them.read isaiah60:11,14-16 then you will know why it 

is not wrong to fnancially support israel. who are you or any other 

man to nullify the word of god?these verses are not open to this or 

that interpretation.i would advise you and all other god fearing 

people to spend more time in the old testament which is really the 

only testament of god. the total answer to gods plan for israel and 

the rest of all mankind is in there.the fact of the matter is 

biblically speaking israel is entitled to a lot more land than they 

now have, see the covenant with abraham genisis15:18-20.and by the way 

around the turn of the century when some jewish people desired to 

return to their homeland they went there and purchased yes purchased 

the land and in some cases paid twice the value of the land.dont you  

think it is wrong that the palestinians will not tolerate jewish 

people living in a palestinian state,but israel allows them to live 

among them and even be allowed to be elected to the knesset!i really 

was behind this organization at one time now im not if you intend to 

go down this road against israel.this organization has lost its 

original important focus which was to expose the income tax fraud and  the irs crooks for who they are.

Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 10:42 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Your Comments on Israel

In regards to your message U.S., Israel and AIPAC: "No, Thank You" -- Palestine: "Yes, Thank You"

Israel, a nation of 3,000,000 people, is surrounded by nations of 350,000,000 people, and Israel is the aggressor?

It is Israel's heritage that endears it to Americans. To see the only quasi-democratic state in the Middle East fall would negate our prior treaty obligations, I believe.

You are out of your mind. I wondered how long it would take you to show your true colors.

I want nothing more to do with you.

Please remove my name from your emailing list.


Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 12:24 PM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Disagreement with the ranks of WTP


Over the last couple of years I have been very impressed with WTP, its perspective and its methods.� Unfortunately, you have strayed into areas that just beg trouble.� Challenging the IRS through your petitions and so on is one thing, going after Israel, though Israel certainly needs to be taken down, is outside the framework of your petition drives.� Yes, yes, I'm well aware of the connections.� This side track probably added fuel to elite's animosity toward you that has resulted in the charges against you by the IRS.� I'm not sure you needed that war---particularly with Cryer doing a bang-up job with his case.� As long as you kept to the points outlined in your petitions, you were on fairly positive ground.� Mind you, you may come out of this alright.� But why ask for that battle?

In this update, however, you have really gone off the edge---with religion.� That is to say, you played the God card.� That was a horrendously BAD idea!� Your petition drives are doing very well, and you were garnering almost universal support, save from the elites you are opposing.� You were creating a synergy, which I presume is your objective.� Relative to that synergy, playing the God card is the single worst thing you could have done---no matter how heartfelt your beliefs---because it has the effect of destroying that synergy.� You should have known going in that there are many who disagree with a religious position, or with your particular religious position, who will take issue with you.� Trust me, I take issue.

In order to bring my point home, I'd like to share with you an article I wrote.� Let me tell you, I listen to Dave Champion all the time.� His American Radio Show is generally very good, though he�occasionally gets off on religion.� If there is one person I will listen to when it comes to tax law, and a few other things, it is Dave Champion.� However, his religious diatribes, at one point, became too much.� So, I shared this article with him.� His response to my article showed just how unhinged religious people get when challenged.� Mind you, when it comes to law, Dave is the best of the best in the patriot community.� But his eruditeness quickly gave way to irrationality when his religious comments were challenged.

I hope this article, if you are willing to read its ten pages, will reach you.� Mind you, if matters not what you have to say on the subject of religion.� The simple fact that you played the God card opens up a world of recriminations, which you don't need when attempting to build synergy.� No matter what your personal religious beliefs, it is far better to leave religion out of the mix.� The article shows you why.


Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 5:15 PM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Israel


I am so saddened by your last letter.  You've insulted a lot of people who HAVE read the Bible and are fully aware of the history regarding the Israelis and their Arab antagonists.  We are also very much aware of our American history and our government's departure from the Constitution. That's why we chose to stand with you.  It is beyond me why you would risk alienating so many of your supporters by insulting their knowledge.

But the insults are not what saddens me.  What makes me sad is the fact you have taken the side of Israel's enemies.  You are allowing yourself to be used by Palestinian/Arab terrorists to promote their cause.  To them, you are just a "useful idiot."  Have you ever considered that our government has also given billions of dollars to Arab dictators, and thus, to terrorists?  Why don't you criticize these Arab thugs?

Bob, as a brother in Christ I plead for rationality.  Anyone who takes sides against the Jews will find himself fighting the Lord.  That is the consistent testimony of Scripture and history.  Let the Lord deal with Israel's "misconduct," and let WTP find other misdoings of our government to criticize.  There are many to choose from.  If not, I fear your organization will not stand.




Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 8:26 PM

To: bob@givemeliberty.org

Subject: RE: [We The People] U.S., Israel and AIPAC: "No, Thank You" --

Palestine: "Yes, Thank You" 

Bob I have supported your efforts for years. I Met you once in Atlanta but if your going to start taking shots at Israel then you can take me off your distribution and support list.  Your efforts over the years have been valiant.  I would even compare you to a modern day George Washington. I recognize your right to express your views and opinions but this one on Israel is a hot potato. Maybe you not trying to take sides but this email came across that way.  They only way your going to defeat this tax charade is to defeat it spiritually by pulling down the Satanic spiritual strongholds with Gods help in Jesus name. 

Defeat Satans bondage spiritually  and it will be far easier to win the Tax Battle.  By attacking Israel I see you guys are spiritually blind.  I don't need to be associated with a group that is spiritually blind.  I will continue to keep an eye on what you guys are doing but if I see any more attacks agains Israel then you can remove me off your support lists. 

I am a Christian and I recommend you leave the Jews alone.  They have enough trouble from everyone else in the world taking shots at them.   I think it is far to criticise anyone including the Jews but it is in the US interest to support Israel. 

Go check out this website and invite the author Bill Konig and owner of this website to your meeting.   www.watch.org 

He is an author and White House Press correspondent.  I think you will get your eyes opened  when you talk with him.  At the very least invite him out to lunch. 

I'll be praying for you.


Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 8:42 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: U.S., Israel and AIPAC: “No, Thank You” Palestine: “Yes, Thank You”

Dear Bob, 

While I agree whole-heartedly in the Constitution and protecting America based on the Constitution, I feel that the lines start to become blurred in regards to Politics abroad.  

If we were to look at the issue, Israel is of American interest because we live in this world.  The world and all its nations are in our interest including Palestine.  Why?  Peace of course, if that is another of what WE THE PEOPLE believes in. 

We can not and should not say no to Israel and yes to anyone else.  Especially since Israel is more of a democracy that believes in FREEDOM for their people and treats their own people with more dignity, and liberty.   The things we still stand up for here at home are the same things that Israel is free to fight for within their own government.  

I hear people saying that we shouldn't tell other nations what to do.  I disagree.  If any nation is going to kill, torture or starve most of its people and not afford them the same Freedom, Life and Liberty that WE THE PEOPLE expect here at home, then we should not do business with them.  By taking a stand against such actions is taking a stand for our own Constitution!  This seems to anger other nations and just as had happened many times in the past, they think that they can hold us hostage for money!  Look at the North Korean situation?  This is WRONG!  We shouldn't hand the world money as if we are afraid to stand on our principles!  This is the exact thing that we are fighting against with the Federal Reserve Bank!  We do not want to be held hostage anymore!   Funding our interest all over the world is doing nothing for us, especially because our money is looking weak to the world because of its worth. 

When we look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and their tumultuous history with each other, we can see how many times Israel gave more and more land, went into cease fire agreements, only to have Palestine break their promises.  We can go back into history and play the blame game but that will solve absolutely nothing for the here and now.  Cooperating in peace talks about their political problems to help them resolve issues isn't a bad thing because that can help bring about peace.  

We should stick to the issues and definitely cut back "giving" money to ALL nations, especially if the money that is given is being taken from the American people illegally through the unfair income tax.  THAT is the issue.  THAT is against our Constitutional interest.   Besides we do give billions to Palestine and money doesn't seem to be able to buy peace, freedom or food.  The issue is we need to STOP handing out our money from our corrupt government to other corrupt governments.   We need to curb this free-for-all. 

Why should we just be handing money over to any nation?  Let other nations rise to the constitutional standards and participate in trade with us!  They need to stop depending on our "free" money or "bribes."  We need NOT give money to other nations just so that we can have military bases on their land especially while we are closing our military bases here at home.  We need to stick to the issues.  

I do not want to get caught up with the notion that the rest of the world doesn't like us as if it were a popularity contest because as long as we are talking about OUR interest, and we really knuckle down and stick to that, they are still not going to like us!  

I am very saddened to hear that Carter has a role in us veering off the track.  This is painful for me and duly noted.  This man's foreign policy is weak and too passive for a nation such as ours who's Constitution needs constant protection from foreign and domestic enemies.  

As far as the Religion and what God would want, that is defined not only in the Bible, but in the Constitution we believe in.   What's right is right and that is what we should be focusing on.  Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all and those are the principals we should be standing on for all issues.   God need not be made a mockery of by throwing in seeds of division with man's doctrine's and interpretations.  God is for what He is for.   Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all and in that is love and peace and equality for all.   

I say this because of the e-mails you received about prophecy and what Christian's believe.   I am a Christian who believes that God covered all of this already.  I believe that prophecy is spiritual and we need to be wise when conducting our lives and running our governments.   The Revelation starts within each one of us.  Besides, history has already played out prophecy over and over again.  I think it is time we learned the lesson. 

May God grant us the ability to use wisdom in sticking to the issues of our cause. 




Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2007 9:53 PM

To: info@givemeliberty.org

Subject: Mid-East Policy v. the U.S. Constitution

I have just read "Mid-East Policy v. the U.S. Constitution" published March 18, 2007. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend GML nor have I yet read Carter's book or the working paper. I appreciate your dedication to fight for the restoration of our Constitutional heritage. In the future, I also hope to join WE The People, right now finances makes it not possible. 

With that said, the content of your article demonstrates a one-sided view. I do consider amount of research. I know liberal researcher present biased data just as do so-called conservatives. So you can understand my skepticism about America's funding the destruction of Palestinian society. I do not question that our government has supplied Israel with large sums of money, but I also know the Palestinians have received large sums as well. I also know Israel supplies our government with services and products for which some of that money pays. At this point, it is my understanding the Palestinians do supply us anything in return, but I could be wrong about this. You article suggests Israel is destroying Palestinian society to enlarge its borders. What borders--who decided what those are supposed to be. The Jews never left the land of their ancestors. The Arabs ruled over the area because they were a majority with power that defeated the Westerners who were equally a majority in number. Before both there were the native Jews. 

My point is the UN's borders are the act of arbitrary power. Jews had no real choice but accept the best scenario. Maybe the Jews did provoke the 1967 War, but they did not provoke the one in 1948 and what about 1973.  

This is not preconceived notions, but history. History also shows the Arabs never actually changed their collective statement to remove the existence of the Jewish state. The League of Arab Nations told the Palestinians to leave their land before they attacked Israel in 1948.

They declared a non-existing state to deny the existence of the state of Israel. The Palestinian government has never fully completed its stated promises/obligations, nor have they stop bombing, shooting, and proclaiming war against the Jews. These are things I have researched using Arab, Israeli and US sources. So again my skeptical meter is very high. 

In my opinion, you asked the wrong people to attend GML to explain why Carter and Mearsheimer and Walt's work is not accurate. I have been listening to and reading Israeli citizens discussions about the situation at home. Most Israelis are not pleased with the current leadership and problems with their government. I think many disagree with Carter, Birnbaum, and others who  neither see nor experience the daily events. They see liberals at home, in the US ,and Europe threatening their lives and well being and future. Had you asked the Dr. Paul Eidelberg, President of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy, you might have received the answers you sought from an Israeli political scientist. 

Nevertheless, I have to admit I have doubts about the Israeli Lobby. I heard one of its spokesman interviewed while traveling. My impression was one of surprise by the authoritarian attitude. He basically told the listening public the lobby did not nor would accept any meddling in their affairs--they wanted no criticism, no suggestions, no comments.

They intended to do their thing no matter what the public or anyone else thought. It was for the good trust them. The appropriate response was 'yell right' you jerk. 

So at this point, I'm skeptical about the complete veracity of your sources, but I do not doubt their is a problem with the members of Congress who make up the Israeli lobby.

Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 9:37 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Yes to Palistine?

I can no longer support you.

 Take me off your email list.

 You obviously have not done your homework.


Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 9:37 AM
To: info@givemeliberty.org
Cc: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Israel issue - caution
Importance: High


I think getting caught up in the Israel vs. Palestine issue is a huge mistake.  It will only serve to dilute/distract your (our) efforts from the basic principles you (we) started out with.  Whether or not the Israel issue is repugnant to the Constitution, it is certainly going to require much more of your limited time and resources than if you would stick to the original issue of Income Taxes.  I realize you are trying to broaden your appeal to get support from other sources by introducing the issues of War Making Authority (Iraq War), Patriot Act (attack on Bill of Rights), and Money/Banking Powers using the  Right To Petition Lawsuit, but adding on the Israel/Palestine issue will only serve to muddy the waters at the very least.  Adding the War, Patriot Act, and Money/Banking issues were much more logical moves than stepping into the Israel issue.  Those issues hall have direct links to the Constitution and are clearly understood by most Americans (at least those of us that take a few minutes to read the Constitution).  However, the Israel issue is not so clear.  Using you own words:  

“If Palestinians are being oppressed and their society is being destroyed by Israel, and if Palestinians and empathetic Arabs and Muslims in surrounding countries are now directing their anger and hostilities against America because our financial aid to Israel is paying for the destruction of the Palestinian society, and if these hostile acts by Arabs and Muslims against America are the underlying cause of the domestic “War on Terror” in America, and if the “War on Terror” in America is the proximate cause of the developing Police State in America (euphemistically called the National Security State), and if the growing Police State is eroding the individual Rights, protected Freedoms and cherished Liberties of the People, then it would be undeniable that U.S. foreign policy regarding Israel is not in our national interest and is not serving the general welfare of all Americans.” 

This is one heck of a thought process to finally link it to the Constitution.  This is like playing that game “Six degrees of …”  where everyone can be known to be connected to everything given at least six contacts (in your case you used four).  And while it may all be true, I’ll bet we can come up with a hundred similar issues using the same “degrees” of contact. I think you/we should stick with issues that require only one “degree”.  The War Making Authority is plainly in the Constitution, and so are the Income Tax, Money/Banking, and Patriot Act issues. 

Furthermore, the Israel issue is an inherently religious issue, and when you become involved in that faction you end up battling peoples’ personal belief systems and trying to get them to change or at least question their faith, which takes years/decades/centuries/millennium and even eternity to accomplish (witness the Israel/Palestine conflict itself!!!).  This argument immediately goes away from logic and jumps into emotional arguments.  All of this distracts you/us from the original goal of We The People, to make our government OBEY THE CONSTITUTION. 

I can only assume that you are taking on the Israel issue because someone promised enormous support (financial/advertising/political/etc.) to We The People so that you can proceed with the lawsuit and Redress of Grievances.  It does not make much sense otherwise…unless your plan is to become yet another Political Party (along with Republicans, Democrats, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, etc.) and you are trying to establish some sort of platform on all the issues.  If this is true, then the original Income Tax issue will be lost forever in the muck of all the other issues (war/defense, economy, illegal aliens, environment, social security, deficits/debt/budgets, campaign finance, foreign affairs, world trade, welfare, etc.) and I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere with my money and support to fight that battle. 



Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 9:46 AM
To: bob@givemeliberty.org
Subject: Have to part with you...regrettably

Dear Mr. Schulz, 

I’ve been a passive follower of the We The People movement for the last 5 years or so.  I appreciate your conviction and courage to stand up to the insidious tyranny of our Government, especially in the arena of taxation.  However, your recently published stance against Israel’s and America’s friendship is both ignorant and irrational.  I suspect the latter is caused by your biased belief that everything the U.S. Government does must be evil.  I can understand your vitriol, considering that you almost gave your life just to get the IRS to acknowledge you exist, so-to-speak.  On the other hand, you and your organization have apparently not done your history homework regarding so-called Palestine, its origins and charters, nor your current events homework regarding terrorist bombings, kidnappings, and (the popularly elected) Hamas’ lack of intention to form a coherent government.  Again, I suggest that your ignorance is not based in stupidity, but in your irrational prejudice toward our Government and ALL its activities.  But because I don’t have a lot of time to follow people who can’t get it together intellectually, I’m moving on and putting your organization behind me.  I hope you make some headway against illegal taxation, but I doubt that you’ll be able to overcome ridicule for your foolish stance in favor of terrorist organizations.  I certainly don’t want to be associated with such whimsical, woman-like irresponsibility. 

May God mercifully redirect your steps back onto the path He laid before your feet, 



Sent: Monday, April 09, 2007 12:21 PM

To: bob@givemeliberty.org

Subject: Israel and its Neighbors


I understand the issues that you are planning to address, BUT you need to include the fact that only one or two (?) of its Arab neighbors recognize Israel's right to exist.  With this de facto declaration of war how else would you expect Israel to behave except from a position of strength?!!  I haven't read either Carter or the article that you reference, but if the very introduction of these issues don't have the proper basis then We The People is just as guilty as anyone trying to "make peace".  Thank you.