We The People Foundation
Mission Statement

The We the People Foundation is a non-profit research and educational foundation. Our purpose is to promote a deeper understanding of the history and nature of Americaís unique constitutional system of government and the power it affords our citizens to hold government leaders at all levels accountable for their actions. The Foundationís programs facilitate effective civic action intended to compel government officials to obey our federal and state constitutions. 

In short, the mission of the Foundation is to protect and defend individual Rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions of the United States and the fifty states of the Union. 

We provide education and training to counteract the widespread public ignorance and apathy that hampers the development of effective citizen vigilance and the exercise of popular sovereignty, which are essential to the defense of our Constitution and our individual Rights and Freedoms. 

The Foundation leverages its reputation and nationwide presence to engage in high-visibility, non-partisan public awareness and legal campaigns.

By combining highly professional research and public education programs with the penetrating analytical legal advocacy of a professional public-interest law firm, the Foundation is uniquely poised to stand as a clarion voice of Freedom and to undertake the direct challenges -- popular and legal -- necessary to check unconstitutional government.

Funded solely by tax-deductible donations, the Foundation coordinates its programs of legal advocacy, research and education with the grass roots civic activities of its sister organization, the We The People Congress.

This blend of civic education and civic action is designed to provide the People with the organization, power and money necessary to keep government at all levels within the boundaries drawn around its power by our written constitutions.

We The People Foundation seeks nothing less than the restoration of Constitutional Order to our land and the opportunity for our nationís children to experience the legacy of Freedom that so many have paid so dearly to secure.