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We The People Organization

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The WTP organization includes two separate corporations which are connected by a mutuality of purpose:
1) The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education, Inc., is a 501(c)3 not-for profit educational foundation that cannot engage in partisan political activity and is supported solely by tax-deductible donations; and

2) The We The People Congress, Inc. which is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit membership-based entity focusing on grassroots constitutional activism which can engage in direct political activity.  the Congress is supported by membership dues.

The We The People Foundation
 for Constitutional Education

The We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education has been established to fulfill the need for popular education including education, awareness, and knowledge about the Declaration of Independence and every provision of the federal and state constitutions, about the sovereignty of the people whose will the constitutions are designed to express, and about the government they are meant to control through their constitutions. Its educational program works to inform the public, increase awareness, and encourage appropriate government reform through constitutional processes, including the exercise and enforcement of the First Amendment Right to Petition.

The Foundation is designed to carry out the professional, broad scale educational program required to counteract the public ignorance and apathy we see as hampering the development of citizen vigilance and the acceptance of popular sovereignty essential to the proper governance of our constitutional democratic republics. The Foundation is an organization devoted to the a-political, public interest, teaching of civility "content" and the expression of the Jeffersonian ideal of a way of life rooted in constitutionality and civic action.

Conceptually, the Foundation exercises philosophical leadership in the total program. Eventually, combining a highly professional public education program with the penetrating analytical and legal activity and advocacy of a public- interest law firm, the Foundation is a source of vital information and education, supportive funding and professional legal undertakings on behalf of situations and individuals suffering from non-constitutional governance, all aimed at "the re-invigoration of constitutional constraints on government."

The We The People Congress

The We The People Congress has been established for the purpose of developing in the public forum, from the ordinary, non-aligned citizenry, a constituency committed to what Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to as a "militant, non-violent, mass-movement" with the goal of achieving substantial reforms in the structure and process of government, through political activism.

The Congress is designed as an advocacy organization, to carry the message vocally and politically to the people and to the various legislative and administrative organizations of government, seeking to influence attitudes of the body politic and legislative actions. This is an organization separate from the Foundation, institutionally, but connected by a mutuality of purpose.

The Congress will, by rational, intelligent and professional means make it difficult for those currently wielding political and governmental power to continue in power with a "business as usual" approach and lead the people toward significant improvements in our system of governance. We recognize that the acknowledgment of popular sovereignty as a social and political force is a fundamental need. The Congress is committed to achieving its purposes by all possible means short of violence.

The Foundation and the Congress recognize that the requirements for changes in governmental structure and process will include, but not necessarily be limited to: the clarification of the federal power to tax; the teaching in our schools of the history, meaning, effect and significance of every provision of our founding documents; increased accountability, ethics and efficiency; the clarification and strengthening of public-debt-limiting restrictions; the clarification and strengthening of the prohibitions regarding the gifting of public funds for private purposes; legislative reform including the strengthening of representative democracy and participatory democracy; a reduction in and control over the cost and secrecy of the legislatures; easier access to the ballot for independents and party insurgents; weakening of the power of political parties and of government in general; weakening of the desire of special interests to influence legislative bodies; non-partisan elections; a judiciary that is more independent and accountable; and, laws which do not favor public education over private education.

Why We Exist

Although few are aware of the battle that rages, our Republic currently faces its most significant challenge ever -- to restore Constitutional Order and the reclaim the fundamental Liberties which have been seized by those that would deprive us our Freedom. Despite the sacrifices of over 200 years, our Constitution today hangs only by a thread.

As our government continues to systematically plunder our People's wealth, ignore constitutional checks and balances and destroy the last vestiges of Freedom, our nation continues its dangerous descent into debt, decay and despotism.

The root cause is that the People, through ignorance, apathy and institutionalized tyranny, have allowed their servant governments (and those that benefit from its largesse) to "take over the house", i.e., to act without lawful authority in violation of our founding documents, including our federal and state Constitutions.

Our overall purpose is to expose, confront and correct governments operating outside their written, lawful authority and to institutionalize a nationwide program of civic vigilance to prevent future abuses and ensure the continuance of Liberty for our posterity.

Download our WTP corporate brochure!
(full color printed copies available at our online store)

WTP Foundation  501(c)3 IRS Form 990 filings (partial list):

2005 Form 990
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Certificates of Incorporation and By-Laws

Certificate of Incorporation for the Foundation, as amended Dec. 15, 2001

By-Laws of the Foundation, as amended Dec. 15, 2001

Certificate of Incorporation for the Congress, as amended Dec. 15, 2001

By-Laws of the Congress, as amended Dec. 15, 2001

Predecessor organizations:  Tri-County Taxpayers Association (1979)
                                          All-county Taxpayers Association (1992)